Adult Autism Assessments

‘Autism is a neurological difference that many people are born with which affects how they experience the world around them and how they communicate with others’ (

What is the purpose of an adult autism assessment?

An adult autism assessment can identify and diagnose Autism.

Autistic adults socialise and communicate differently as well as enjoying attention to detail and thriving within structure and routine.

Individuals with may find it beneficial to pursue an autism assessment as it can give them a better understanding of themselves, their strengths and needs.

It can also identify their individual struggles and needs that they would like support with.

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What does the process involve?

Typically, a screening questionnaire is first administered to the client. If the cut off score is met, this indicates that further assessment is needed, and if agreed, the client will go ahead with the assessment.

Following this, a number of questionnaires will be sent to the client to complete in their own time.

Following this, the clinical interview will take place. This consists of a few sessions in which I will ask you questions about different areas of your life but not from a deficit perspective, but rather from a much more holistic perspective.

We will discuss what your preferences are, what you like, what works well for you, what your strengths are and what are the conditions in which you thrive in.

I will be assessing if all of this aligns with autistic experiences.

The second part of the assessment is to consider the wider context of things, as in, if there is anything else we need to consider explaining your experience in the world other than Autism; it is very collaborative process.

A feedback session will then take place where I will explain and discuss the findings of the assessment with you and offer recommendations.



Dr Lombard EMDR