Medical Professional Referrals

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I welcome referrals from other professionals including GPs, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, other Psychologists or Mental Health Practitioners.

Some key information that may help you to know:

I accept referrals of adults aged 17 years and upwards. As you will see from my Services page (Adult Therapies section), I work with a range of mental health difficulties including symptoms of anxiety and depression, experiences of trauma and abuse and the effects of this, addiction, physical health difficulties, etc.

I work with couples in distress offering an evidence based treatment known as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Please see the Therapies section for more information.


I offer Adult Neurodivergent Assessments through detailed clinical interviews based on the current diagnostic criteria for autism (the DSM 5 and the ICD 11). I utilise a range of tests and questionnaires to inform these interviews.

If you refer one of your patients to me, I will update you regularly on how the therapy is progressing while also informing you if your patient's level of risk increases during the time they are working with me. This is something that will be outlined with the individual when they begin therapy with me and I will obtain their consent prior to beginning therapy.

Please feel free to contact me via telephone or through the Enquiry button to discuss in more detail how I work, my professional training and expertise, and the process of accepting referrals on your patient's behalf.

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I look forward to working with you.


Dr Lombard EMDR