Adult ADHD Consultation

Before initiating the ADHD assessment process, we will engage in a 1 hour discussion about your experiences. This consultation explores why you think you may be ADHD, whether further assessment is warranted and considers the value a diagnosis would provide in your life.

The fee for the initial consultation is €150.

Adult ADHD Assessment 

Following the consultation, if an assessment is deemed necessary, you will receive various questionnaires to complete at your own pace, addressing your background and developmental history. You will also receive questionnaires to give to a family member or partner to complete (only if you feel comfortable to ask them to do so). Subsequently, we will meet for two 1-hour sessions, either in-person or virtually, to collaboratively explore your experiences in the world and whether this aligns with ADHD experiences.

The final session, scheduled 2-3 weeks post-assessment, will involve feedback on the assessment outcome. This allows time for you to reflect on any questions you may have. During this session, we will discuss the results, provide feedback and a comprehensive report, along with various resources and recommendations.

The cost for the assessment is €900. 

Important note: Blue Sky Psychology does not prescribe medication in the case of an ADHD diagnosis. If pharmaceutical interventions are desired, adults should consult their GP or a private Psychiatrist.


Dr Lombard EMDR