Person-Centred Therapy

Person-centred therapy is a non-directive therapeutic approach which is client-led, in the hope that through exploration clients may discover their own solutions to the difficulties that bring them to therapy. The therapist facilitates the session, listening to and understanding your thoughts and feelings without judgement, focusing on the present moment without direction. The aim of person-centred therapy is to encourage and support you in a process that facilitates self-discovery, self-acceptance, and provides a means toward healing and growth.

For person-centred therapy to be effective, therapists provide certain conditions:

  1. Unconditional positive regard: acceptance of the client in the here and now.
  2. Empathy: understanding clients’ thoughts and feelings; to perceive the world as the client sees it (Rogers, 1951).
  3. Congruence: being accessible to our clients through honesty and transparency; not adopting an ‘expert stance’.

Dr Lombard EMDR